Panasonic AC service centre in Hyderabad


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Whether your house is in need of immediate, emergency services for Ac in Hyderabad, or you’re interested in decreasing your utility bills and increasing your house energy efficiency by having specialized Panasonic AC service centre in Hyderabad, you can be confident that SERVICECENTRESHOP is the perfect solution to your home particular Air cooling system needs. Our team of SERVICECENTRESHOP AC repair specialists are committed to providing the best high quality Panasonic AC Service Centre in Hyderabad.

Panasonic AC Service Centre in Hyderabad

Panasonic AC Service Centre in Hyderabad

Your trusted cooling service experts at SERVICECENTRESHOP can provide you with further diagnosis and recommendations upon checking your AC system, which is why calling our technicians immediately after noticing something wrong is always the good idea.


If you’re interested in learning more about what the SERVICECENTRESHOP team of AC repair Hyderabad specialists can do to make your home more comfortable than ever before then take a moment to speak with our local Panasonic AC repair centre team at ( 7993097169, 8897156901 ). You’ll be able to schedule a comprehensive assessment at your doorstep and estimate completely free of charge.


Why to Rely on our Panasonic AC Service centre in Hyderabad?

Visit our SERVICECENTRESHOP for best panasonic AC service centre in Hyderabad where we handle all types of AC repairs.


Panasonic AC Service Centre in Hyderabad

Panasonic AC Service Centre in Hyderabad

We know how important it is in your daily life and know how to keep your AC running in peak condition like hot summer months. You don’t need to trust just anyone with your AC repair needs and let our service experts handle your AC repairs for a quick AC service.  Don’t wait until you notice a leak in your AC unit.  A refrigerant leak is not only a danger for the place, but it’s harmful to your AC as well.


From our fixed right promises to our well trained technicians, SERVICECENTRESHOP has gained a reputation for providing the highest level of service to our customers.

Also we give you transparent pricing with clear cut clear explanations about all the repair services we recommend. We look forward to seeing you for AC repairs


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Why to choose our Panasonic AC Service repair centre in Hyderabad?

Time punctuality

Every customer feedback

24/7 service center

Professional technicians

Reasonable and affordable prices (No extra charges)

Company original spare parts for your products

Warranty for the spare parts


  • Central AC Repair
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • AC installations
  • AC unit cleaning and other replacements
  • Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Motor and Evaporator Coil Repairs
  • Commercial & Residential AC Repairs

Why to choose our Panasonic AC repair centre in Hyderabad?

These are some of the reasons why customers love our Panasonic AC service centre in hyderabad.

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Very punctual
  • True to the Community
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • No extra charges
  • Licensed professionals
  • 24/7 service
  • Doorstep services throughout Hyderabad
Panasonic AC Service Centre in Hyderabad

Panasonic AC Service Centre in Hyderabad

Some of the AC problems that customers suffer:

  • AC unit wont turn on
  • AC isn’t cold
  • Water leaking
  • Uneven cooling
  • AC makes unusual noises
  • AC remote control not working

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Panasonic AC Service Centre in Hyderabad

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s): Panasonic AC Service Centre in Hyderabad

1. How much does it cost to repair a Panasonic AC?
Generally we charge around Rs.400 for any Panasonic AC repair. If the issue is complicated, the price may increase.


2. How often should I have my Panasonic AC unit be checked?
We recommend that you should have checked your AC system for every six months. Because that will prolong the life of your AC system and keep it running efficiently and smoothly in every conditions.


3. Why should we choose servicecentreshop instead of other servicing service centers?
Because, at our service centre we offer many things which other service centers cannot.
i.e warranty, service, prices etc.

4. Do I get any warranty on any Panasonic AC repairs?
Yes we offer a full one year warranty on all spare parts and repairs except for any liquid damages.


5. How do I contact your panasonic AC service centre?
Visit our official service centre website and submit the form. Or else you can call our service centre number – ( ) to book our appointment.

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