LG AC service centre in Hyderabad


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Are you looking for trained experts to services your AC in Hyderabad? Get in touch with the professionals at our LG AC service centre in Hyderabad. We have many years of experience, skills and knowledge to get the job done right in the very first place.


Our LG Ac service centre in Hyderabad prides itself on being customer Focused, cost Competitive and quality driven. We provides a total life cycle solution for LG and our third party customers in Hyderabad.


Trusted LG AC service centre in Hyderabad


Our technicians in service centre possesses the Technical Knowledge and ability to repair the products of individual customers. We work with a number of on-sellers and middle traders to provide support to our customers regardless of where they purchased their LG product.

LG AC service centre in Hyderabad

LG AC service centre in Hyderabad

So when it comes to service and repairing AC’s,  there is no other team in Hyderabad who can handle the problem better than ours.


Best LG AC service centre in Hyderabad with Reasonable prices


Our LG AC service centre in Hyderabad got best dedicated team of skilled engineers who are available 24/7 to repair the customer’s product.


Our highly trained technicians can guide customers through a comprehensive range of problems covering product installation to user operations regarding AC’s.  Our technical team provides technical assistance to help diagnose and fix problems over the telephone.


If the issue is large and when a fault is recognized that cannot be dealt with over the telephone, our technicians will make arrangements to have the AC repaired or exchanged with the least amount of inconvenience to our beloved customers.


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Why to rely on our LG AC repair centre in Hyderabad?

Time punctuality

Every customer feedback

24/7 service center

Professional technicians

Reasonable and affordable prices (No extra charges)

Company original spare parts for your products

Warranty for the spare parts


  • AC service and repair
  • Routine maintenance
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Replacement
  • Central air systems
  • Forced air systems
  • Residential service
  • Commercial units
  • Cooling System parts and service
LG AC service centre in Hyderabad

LG AC service centre in Hyderabad

LG AC service centre in Hyderabad

LG AC service centre in Hyderabad

Here are some of the problems that customers suffer with:

  • Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On
  • Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air
  • Air Conditioner Freezing Up Outside Unit
  • AC Refrigerant Leak
  • Air Conditioner Making Noises
  • Electric Control Failure
  • Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside
  • Drainage Problem
  • Sensor Problem

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LG AC service centre in Hyderabad

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s): LG AC service centre in Hyderabad

1. How much does it cost to repair a LG AC?

We charge a basic price of Rs.400 to Rs.500. The type of AC you are using and the complexity of the problem all comes into account.



2. How long will it take to complete the LG AC repairs?

We try to complete most AC repairs on the same day itself. If this is not possible on that day, we will make sure to provide you with special transportation arrangements.



3. How much time do I have to return the faulty LG AC parts?

You have 15 -30 days from the repair. If the AC parts have been replaced in advance and not returned within this time, you will be charged (extra) for the full price of the part.

4. Can I get your AC service centre technician’s repair report?
Yes! our technician’s reports are available upon request for items that are repaired and returned to you at that time.



5. How do I get to LG AC service centre in hyderabad?
A. Well,no worries for that. Just click on our LG AC service centre URL, where you will be redirected to our service centre homepage.
LG service centre number –
Visit our service centre link and submit the book a service request by filling the requested form.

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